FAQ's for current students

What do I need to do if I need more time to complete my assignment?

Applications for Extensions

  • Medical grounds: Applications for extension on medical grounds shall be made by lodging theApplication for Extension of Progressive Assessment form and supporting documentation at the location outlined in Section 5.3 of the Electronic Course Profile for the course concerned.
  • Exceptional circumstances: Applications for extension on the grounds of exceptional circumstances shall be made to the relevant Course Coordinator/Program Director by lodging theApplication for Extension of Progressive Assessment form and a personal statement outlining the grounds for the application at the location and by the due date outlined in Section 5.3 of the Electronic Course Profile for the course in which this application is made. If the exceptional circumstances are such that the student cannot reasonably be expected to have complied with these conditions, a case should be made as to why these conditions could not be met.
  • Outcome of application: Students will be advised of the outcome of their application via their student email.
  • http://www.uq.edu.au/myadvisor/forms/exams/progressive-assessment-extension.pdf

What do I need to do if I’ve missed a compulsory tutorial, practical or placement?

Absences from compulsory classes (e.g. tutorial, practical)

Students must complete the School of Pharmacy – absentee form available from PACE reception no later thanfive (5) calendar days after the date the original class was held.

  • Absences on medical grounds:  This form must be accompanied by a medical certificate signed by a medical practitioner or registered nurse no later than two (2) business days after the missed class and stating that the student was unfit to attend on the relevant day. Students are required to confirm, by signing the School of Pharmacy – absentee form, that the medical practitioner is not a near relative or close associate (Examples of near relatives are partner, child, brother, sister, or parent. Examples of close associates are close friends, neighbours and partners or children of colleagues.)
    Please note: Forms submitted on medical grounds must be submitted to PACE reception.
  • Absences on non-medical grounds
    School of Pharmacy – absentee form submitted on non-medical grounds must be accompanied by a signed statement (Statutory Declaration)detailing the grounds for the application supported by any corroborating information.
    Please note: Forms submitted on non-medical grounds must be submitted at PACE reception, but are accepted at the discretion of the course coordinator.

What happens if I can’t sit my mid-semester exam?

School of Pharmacy policy on absences from mid-semester examinations

  • 1.0   Where a student does not attend a mid-semester examination, the student will in the normal course of events receive zero marks for the examination.
  • 1.1  Where due to illness or other medical condition occurring on the day of the examination a student is unable to attend a mid-semester examination or the performance of a student in the examination has been significantly impaired, the student may, on the presentation of an appropriate medical certificate covering the date of the examination be permitted to sit a deferred examination in lieu. (Note: If the exam has been missed, the medical certificate must be dated within 2 business days of the original exam date. If the exam has been attempted, the medical certificate must be dated within 1 business day of the original exam date and the student must have notified the exam supervisor/course coordinator before leaving the exam.
    The deferred mid-semester examination will be held on a date nominated by the course coordinator, where possible the student will be given at least 5 days notice of the date prior to the exam sitting.
    • 1.1.1  Applications for a deferred examination must be lodged no later than 5 calendar days following the date of the mid-semester examination.
    • 1.1.2  Applications for a deferred mid-semester examination shall be made by lodging an Application for Deferred Examination online through mySI-net for details on the process please visit www.uq.edu.au/myadvisor/deferred-examinations. Students will be advised of the outcome of their application via mySI-net.
    • 1.1.3   Advice from the course coordinator should be sought in the case where a student is unable to sit an on-line quiz.
  • 2.0  In exceptional circumstances, a deferred mid-semester exam may be granted for non-medical reasons. For this purpose, exceptional circumstances may include:
    • A sporting or cultural commitment at state, national or international level (refer to HUPP 3.40.15 Programs and Assessment for Elite Athletes); or
    • Serious personal or emotional trauma; or
    • in very exceptional circumstances, an important planned family or social commitment; or unavoidable work commitment.
  • Deferred mid-semester examinations will not be granted where the course coordinator is not satisfied that the student took reasonable measures to avoid the circumstances that contributed to the student being unable to attend the mid-semester examination. 
  • The following matters are NOT grounds for a deferred mid-semester examination:
    • holiday arrangements (including overseas travel); or
    • misreading an examination timetable or course profile; or
    • social and leisure events, including family commitments and sporting or cultural commitments (other than at state, national or international representative level).
  • 2.1  Applications for a deferred mid-semester examination on the grounds of exceptional circumstances shall be made by lodging an Application for Deferred Examination online through mySI-net for details on the process please visit www.uq.edu.au/myadvisor/deferred-examinations. Students will be advised of the outcome of their application via mySI-net.
    • for deferred mid-semester examinations, this form must be submitted no later than 5 calendar days following the date of the mid-semester examination
  • 3.0  Students with disabilities: Where a student has a disability in terms of HUPP 1.70.8 University Disability Policy, the provisions of that policy shall apply and suitable arrangements should be made.

Please note: Students who have been ill or otherwise impaired for more than 14 days in the semester are advised to consider withdrawal from the course, bearing in mind the dates of academic and financial penalty and the grounds for withdrawal. This should also apply to those students who are unable to attend the deferred mid semester examination. The School will not offer a deferred deferred examination, this is as per arrangements for final central examinations.

How do I apply for a remark?

Request a re-mark

In accordance with https://ppl.app.uq.edu.au/content/3.10.02-assessment section 5.8 as a student you are eligible to receive feedback on your assessment. 

You should follow the steps below if you are not happy with your final grade.

  • The School of Pharmacy runs examination script viewing sessions for students in semester 1. You will be advised of the time and date of these sessions via email. You should attend a session and have a preliminary look over your paper.  If you feel you have not been marked correctly you should fill out a form at the session to discuss the paper with the course coordinator. 
    For semester 2 final exams you should contact the course coordinator to discuss the paper as no script viewing sessions are run for semester 2 final exams.
  • At this discussion you should clarify any feedback given on the assessment. At this meeting you should review what you were expected to do against the criteria given to understand how the mark was determined.
  • If you are still unhappy with the mark and feel you weren’t marked against the criteria you can apply for an assessment remark.  You will need to attach a statement explaining why your result does not reflect your performance in reference to the criteria – this must be a compelling written case based on academic merit. Claims that the work is ‘worth a higher mark’ or ‘a lot of effort was invested’ or ‘you are only 1% away from the next grade’ are not considered sufficient academic grounds.

What if I want to do courses that aren’t in the Bachelor of Pharmacy course list?

Domestic Students

If you wish to enroll in courses that are not part of the Bachelor of Pharmacy that will not count towards credit for your degree you will need to do so as a non-award student. A non-award studentmeans a student who is enrolled in one or more courses at the university on the basis that the student will not be granted an award for the completion of the courses.

Non-award courses attract full tuition fees (i.e. they are not Commonwealth Supported) and fees cannot be deferred.

To apply for non-award study, please visit the following website.

As a Domestic student, there is no requirement to maintain a full-time enrolment (6-8 units). Should you be required to maintain a particular level of full-time enrolment due to other reasons, such as Centrelink requirements, you will need to liaise with their department to ascertain their stipulations.

Please note that non-award students are subject to the rules of The University of Queensland including those relating to late fees and academic progress. For clarification of these rules, consult The University of Queensland myAdvisor website www.uq.edu.au/myAdvisor.

International Students

International students are only able to undertake courses outside of the Bachelor of Pharmacy if they also have some pharmacy courses to complete.  Students that have failed courses and have nothing from the Bachelor of Pharmacy course list to enrol in are not able to undertake other courses.  Your visa only covers you if you are taking courses for credit towards your current program.  If this is the case, you must change programs to enrol in other courses.

If you wish to enrol in courses that our not part of the Bachelor of Pharmacy you need to seek approval from the Head of School.  You should email studentenquiries@pharmacy.uq.edu.au stating the courses you wish to undertake and your reasons.

You will be advised of the outcome via email.

How do I obtain my username and password?

A username and password is generated by the University's Information Technology Services when a student accepts the offer of a place in a program. The details are mailed to the student. Enquiries about usernames and passwords should be directed to:

Usernames and passwords for continuing students will remain unchanged.

Where do I find Blackboard?

How do I apply for credit?

The University does not expect students to repeat learning that has been successfully completed at a similar level and standard elsewhere, where that work is substantially the same in content and standard as that required for the student’s current program of study at the University.

If you have undertaken the same or equivalent courses in another program you can apply for credit towards the Bachelor of Pharmacy. To apply, you will need to download an application form available from the “myAdvisor” website: http://www.uq.edu.au/myadvisor/forms/enrolment/credit-exemptions.pdf 

For us to be able to determine your eligibility you will need to supply course descriptions.  The information should contain an overview of numbers of lectures, pracs, tutorials etc in the course, list of learning objectives if available, lecture titles and descriptions, prac titles (at least), timetable to indicate the number of contact hours of the various types in the course, summary of assessment, etc. 

Once completed, the form must be submitted to the School of Pharmacy, PACE, 20 Cornwall Street, Woolloongabba. The school will then process your application and note this on your Studies Report in mySI-net (please allow up to four weeks for this process). 

If you are applying for credit from an institution outside of the University, you will still need to enrol in ALL courses, including those for which you are applying for credit. Please remain enrolled until you receive notification of the outcome of your application.

Students must follow the above procedure and each case will be judged on its own merit.  The course catalogue which is located in mySI-net contains descriptions of all courses studied within the program, which may be of assistance when applying for credit for comparable courses completed at other institutions.  You should also use the credit precedents database: 

Further information relating to Credit for previous studies can be found at:http://www.uq.edu.au/study/index.html?page=89359

UQ policy information regarding the process is located at: UQ Credit Transfer Policy.

What happens if I cannot sit the final exam at the scheduled time?

What is SI-net?

SI-Net, short for Student Information Network, is the University's internet-based tool which allows students and staff to access information about the University.

What is mySI-net?

mySI-net is the web front of SI-net. Students must use mySI-net to complete their enrolment and maintain their personal and enrolment details.