Below are some frequently asked questions relating to the Intern Training Program that we hope will be of assistance to prospective students.

When can I start studying?

The University of Queensland only offers one intake each year for its Intern Training Program. To commence study in Semester 1, applications need to be submitted online by November 30 of the previous year.

How do I apply?

For details go to the UQ Programs and Courses website. When you apply, please ensure that you select Graduate Certificate in Pharmacy Practice from the list. (The ITP is the 1st year of the Graduate Certificate in Pharmacy Practice.). This is the official course name for our ITP program. 

How much will it cost?

UQ offers Commonwealth Supported Places (CSP) to eligible domestic students for this program. As you enrol in 1 course each semester, payments are made in 2 stages, by each semesters payment due date.

For the indicative fees, please see the fees calculator.  The courses required are PHRM7081 and PHRM7082.

Please contact the Fees Department on (07) 3365 2328 if you have further queries on your fees. This includes flexible payment options, how to pay and information on Student Services and Amenities Fees.

Fees for the ITP component (2 semesters) will be approximate $2152, based on 2014 fees.

UQ offers Commonwealth Supported Places (CSP) to domestic students for the program. This means that eligible (conditions apply) Interns can choose to complete the program with no upfront cost. As you enrol in 1 course each semester, payments are made in 2 stages, by each semesters payment due date.

Please contact the Fees Department on (07) 3365 2328 if you have further queries on your fees. This includes flexible payment options, how to pay etc.

I’m completing my Internship at a Rural Pharmacy. Are there any allowances available to me?

The Pharmacy Guild of Australia offers allowances for Interns practicing in rural and remote areas.

Please see The Guild’s website for further information on the eligibility criteria and application process.

What are the prerequisites for UQ’s Intern Training Program?

Minimum entrance requirements are a recognised Pharmacy degree, or equivalent qualification in Pharmacy, from Australia or New Zealand. All applicants must be registered as an intern pharmacist with the Pharmacy Board of Australia and have an approved internship position.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to current regulations, this program is not available to international students.

How do I respond to my offer?

When you initially applied for the ITP program online you would have been asked if you were a new or existing applicant. This same site, Online Applications, will allow you to track any applications you have submitted, as well as, accept or decline any offers made to you.

Please ensure that you log in to your account frequently to check for any offers.

I’ve accepted my offer... what now?

In the first instance you will be sent a Conditional Offer. This Offer secures your place in our ITP program and is pending receipt of the following items:

1. A copy of your Academic Transcript (only applicable to students who did not study their Pharmacy degree at UQ)

2. Internship Site Details (site name, address, phone number, fax number, email address), together with, Preceptor Information (title, given name, family name)

3. Provisional Registration as an Intern Pharmacist with the Pharmacy Board of Australia (we just require your registration number)

Once the above three (3) items have been provided to the ITP Administration Coordinator you will be sent an Unconditional Offer which confirms your place in our ITP Program. Following the issue of this offer, you will be sent an email (from the ITP Administration Coordinator), welcoming you to the ITP Program, outlining when the seminar dates will be and what courses you need to enrol in via SI-net. At this stage a copy of the ITP Course Manual will be posted to you, which you will require for the first Seminar.*

* Please ensure that the address you provided on your initial application is your current mailing address. Should your address change from the time of application, please email your updated mailing address

What subjects (courses) do I need to enrol in via SI-net?

In Semester 1 you will need to enrol in PHRM7081 and in Semester 2 PHRM7082 for your Intern year. Log into SI-net and follow the prompts under mySI-net Tasks or click on Courses/Course Summary/Add Course.

I’ve enrolled in SI-net, what now?

Unless the ITP Administration Coordinator has requested additional information from you, there is nothing further that you need to do at this stage.

Please prepare yourself for Seminar 1 by continually checking Blackboard (available once your SI-net enrolment is completed) and your emails for any items that you will need to bring along with you.

I can’t make one of the compulsory Seminars. What do I do?

Please contact the ITP Program Coordinator, Pam Mathers, immediately. Pam’s email address

You will be required to provide documentation (eg flight itinerary, statutory declaration) to support your absence and you will be given additional activities to cover the topics missed in the Seminar.

What do your Seminars cover?

Our Seminars cover a range of topics that are beneficial to your Internship. To give you an idea, here are some of the exciting topics covered from our previous Seminars.

  • Guest Speakers providing our Interns with real-life accounts of what can happen out in the real world (eg how do get de-registered)
  • Law and Ethics Workshop
  • Counselling Skills Workshop
  • Non-Tablet Counselling Workshop
  • Problem Solving Workshop
  • Devices Workshop (has included guest speakers from LifeTec)
  • Medicare Workshop (plus workbook for session)
  • Simulated Patients Workshop
  • Pharmaceutical Calculations Workshop
  • Paediatrics Workshop
  • Care of the Older Patient (Geriatric) Workshop
  • Pregnancy Care Workshop

What are the class sizes like?

The only time our Interns are in ‘classes’ are during Seminars. At each Seminar, Interns are divided into groups which rotate through numerous workstations assigned to each day. The group sizes are currently at a maximum of 10 Interns per group and Interns remain in this same group for the 2 days of the Seminar. To ensure that our Interns get the most out of these Seminars and that they interact with the entire cohort, we mix up these groups as much as possible at each Seminar.

Do I have to attend any face-to-face sessions, workshops, etc?

Yes! Throughout your Intern year you will be required to attend four (4) compulsory Seminars held at PACE (Pharmacy Australia Centre of Excellence), 20 Cornwall Street Woolloongabba. There will be 2 Seminars per Semester (4 in total) and these Seminars will cover a range of topics beneficial to your Internship.

The remainder of the assessment will be completed online. Please refer to the Electronic Course Profile (ECP) for further information.

Does UQ‘s ITP Program help me prepare for my Intern Examinations?

Yes! At Seminar 2, Interns will be required to complete a supervised online multiple choice question (MCQ) examination, which requires a pass mark of at least 65% in line with the requirements for the Australian Pharmacy Council (APC) written examination.

In addition to this, in Seminar 4 a practice oral exam will be provided to help prepare our Interns for their Pharmacy Board of Australia (PBA) oral examination.

If you require additional help you should contact the ITP Program Coordinator, Pam Mathers, to discuss this further.

How does UQ ITP collect CPD points?

The ‘National Competency Standards Framework for Pharmacists in Australia 2010’ is the reference used by registering authorities to assist with assessing interns for registration, and by the PBA to help pharmacists determine their CPD requirements.

As part of the internship year the Pharmacy Board of Australia requires interns to accrue at least 40 points of CPD. This CPD can only be counted if it is completed between the start date of the ITP (27th January) and the end of the CPD year (4th October). {NB. These dates may vary slightly from year to year.}

Detailed information about CPD within the ITP is provided in a separate document (provided on Blackboard); however the major aspects are outlined below.

As a requirement of the UQ Pharmacy Intern Training Program, you must document your CPD and provide adequate evidence to support your claims.

A number of activities are compulsory for NAPE interns, and it is possible to accrue 28 points from these activities.

These are: 
• NPS case study (1 or 2 group 2 credits) 
• NPS Pharmacy Practice Review (16 group 2 credits) 
• Health Promotion Project/Presentation (6 group 2 credits) 
• Medicare e-learning module (2 group 2 credits)
• Development of a training plan (2 group 2 credits)

In addition to the requirements above interns will need to access at least an additional 2 sources for CPD, examples of which include grand rounds, short courses, online case studies, lectures etc. Please note that unassessed reading (e.g. journal articles, AMH, etc.), which may be included in your CPD for up to five Group 1 credits of CPD, can only count as ONE source of CPD for the purposes of the NAPE ITP.

To meet the aims of this learning exercise, interns should have accessed a variety of CPD from different reputable professional organisations or education providers.

Please note that any other activity which is a compulsory element of the ITP cannot be counted towards your CPD. The Pharmacy Board has also specifically excluded the completion of a First Aid Certificate from the 40 points to be accrued by interns.