Ms Hiba El Masri - PhD
Supervisors: Dr Samantha Hollingworth, Dr Helen Benham, Professor Mieke Van Driel, Dr Treasure McGuire
Project Title: Biological disease modifying antirheumatic drugs (bDMARD) in rheumatoid arthritis: clinical outcomes and adverse effects in a real world population using a prospective study.
Mr Kooi Yeong - PhD
IPRS and UQ Centennial Scholarship
Supervisor: Dr James Falconer 
Project Title: Novel extraction and evaluation of chemotherapeutic molecules in papaya remedies used by the Aboriginal people.
Mr Venkatesh Gavini - PhD
UQ International Scholarship (UQI)
Supervisors: Dr Harendra Parekh, Professor Grant Ramm, Dr Rakesh Veedu
Project Title: Design, synthesis and evaluation of novel ligand-targeted bioreducible carrier systems (UQ-patent pending) for delivery of modified-siRNA therapeutic payloads to the liver.
Mr Mohammad Mobasseri - PhD
Supervisors: Dr Harendra Parekh, Associate Professor Peter Cabot
Project: Ultrasound triggered liposomal bubbles in chemotherapy.
Mr Muhammad Mustafa Abeer - PhD
International Postgraduate Research Scholarship (IPRS), UQ Centennial Scholarship
Supervisors: Dr Amirali Popat, Dr Ben Ross, Dr Sumaira Husnain
Project Title: Targeted delivery of peptides and proteins using functionalised silica nanoparticles.
Mr Faheem Maqbool - PhD
UQI Scholarship
Supervisors: Dr James Robert Falconer, Dr Peter Moyle
Project Title: Optimisation and preparation of proliposomes/liposomes by supercritical fluid technology and therapeutic targeting of prostate cancer.
Mr Seyed Ebrahim Alavi - PhD
UQI Scholarship
Supervisor: Dr Peter Moyle
Project Title: Improving the delivery characteristics of peptide-based pharmaceuticals for developing the next generation of anti-diabetes drugs.
Ms Susan Gray - PhD
Supervisors: Professor Peter Little AM, Dr Treasure McGuire, Associate Professor Neale Cohen
Project Title: A prospective observational cohort study: Evaluation of patient experiences, knowledge and adherence to treatment, community pharmacist knowledge, attitudes, practices and consequences, to inform the development of information and educational interventions.

Ms Bernadette Chevalier – PhD
International Postgraduate Research Scholarship (IPRS)
UQ Centenary Scholarship
A/Professor Neil Cottrell, A/Professor Bernadette Watson, A/Professor Michael Barras
Project Title: Investigating the effectiveness of communication taking place between hospital pharmacists and patients during medication counselling.

Ms Nur Sofiah Abu Kassim – PhD
Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia Scholarship
: Professor Nick Shaw, Dr Amitha Hewavitharana and Dr Karen Whitfield
Project Title: Methods for vitamin D LC/MS-MS.

Mr John Bassett - PhD
APA Scholarship
Supervisors: Greg Monteith, Sarah Roberts-Thomson, Amelia Peters
Project title: Genetically targeted calcium sensors and the assessment of the hallmarks of cancer in breast cancer cells.
Mr Jared Miles – PhD
Supervisors: Dr Ben Ross and Associate Professor Ross McGeary
Project Title: Small molecule inhibitors of cholinesterase for the treatment of Alzheimer's disease.

Ms Nurul Azrin Abd Rahman – PhD
 Dr Christine Staatz, Professor Susan Tett
Project Title: Individualizing immunosuppressant therapy in autoimmune disease to improve patient outcomes.

Mr Othman Ibrahim Al-Omair – PhD
Sponsored by the Ministry of Higher Education, Saudi Arabia
 Dr Nyoman Kurniawan, Professor Ian Brereton, Professor Graham Galloway and Professor Maree Smith
Project Title: Development of magnetic resonance diffusion imaging at 16.4T for application to drug efficacy assessment in the suppression of progressive neurological degeneration in a mouse model of multiple sclerosis.

Ms Jacqueline Bond – PhD
Dr Catherine Manathunga, Ms Caroline Steel and Professor Nick Shaw
Project Title: A qualitative exploration of the factors affecting engagement, learning and academic performance from the perspective of successful CALD (culturally and linguistically diverse) and non-CALD pharmacy students at a research-intensive Australian university.

Ms Lu Cao – PhD
International Postgraduate Research Scholarship (IPRS)
UQ Centenary Scholarship
Professor Tom Gonda
Project Title: Development of peptide inhibitors of the interaction between the Myb oncoprotein and the P300 coactivator as a possible treatment of myeloid leukaemia.

Mr Stephen Chan – PhD
 Dr Benjamin Ross, Associate Professor Ross McGeary, Dr Thiruma Arumugam and Professor Nick Shaw
Project Title: Development of drug-like polyphenols as disease-modifying drugs for Alzheimer's disease.

Ms Judith Coombes – PhD
 Associate Professor Neil Cottrell, Associate Professor Debra Rowett and Associate Professor Jenny Whitty
Project Title: Improving self-management of medications by patients receiving therapy for stroke prevention.

Ms Jennifer Deuis – PhD
APA Scholarship
 Dr Pete Cabot, Dr Irina Vetter and Prof Richard Lewis
Project Title: Novel opioid peptides from inflammatory tissue for the treatment of pain.

Ms Satish Natha Dighe – PhD
UQ International Scholarship (UQI)
 Dr Ben Ross and Dr Thiruma V Arumugam
Project Title: Development of polyphenols with drug-like properties for the treatment of Alzheimer's disease.

Ms Rose Estafanos – PhD
 Associate Professor Kathryn Steadman, Professor Geoffrey Mitchell, Professor Lisa Nissen and Dr Julie Ann Cichero
Project Title: Buccal delivery of pilocarpine in the treatment of xerostomia (dry mouth).

Mrs Siti Sarah Fazalul Rahiman – PhD
 Dr Peter Cabot, Professor Nick Shaw, Dr Michael Morgan and Dr Paul Gray
Project Title: The biotransformation of dynorphin 1-17 and effects on inflammatory signalling pathways.

Ms Jane Fischer – PhD
 Associate Professor Alexandra (Zandy) Clavarino and Professor Jake M. Najman
Project Title: Physical and Psychological Functioning and Drug Use: An Australian population based study.

Ms Holly Foot – PhD
 Associate Professor Neil Cottrell, Dr Adam La Caze, Dr Gina Gurjral
Project Title: Investigating the relationship between beliefs about medicines and non-adherence in patients with chronic disease using the repetory grid technique.

Mr Ian Fredericks – MPhil
 Dr Therese Kairuz, Dr Alexander Pudmenzky, Dr Laurence Suzanne Rosa Rossato and Dr Samantha Hollingworth
Project Title: The role of the pharmacist in optimising antibiotic use in the community.

Mr Fabio Pereira Gomes – PhD
International Postgraduate Research Scholarship (IPRS)
UQ Centenary Scholarship
 Dr Amitha Hewavitharana, Dr Karen Whitfield, Dr Pieter Koorts and Professor Nick Shaw
Project Title: Investigate the correlation between the levels of vitamins A, D and E in maternal serum and breast milk with infant serum levels.

Ms Yaqin (Felicity) Han – PhD
Australian Postgraduate Award Industry (APAI)
 Dr Bruce Wyse, Professor Maree Smith, Dr Kristofer Thurecht and Professor Andrew Whittaker
Project Title: Sustained release biopolymer delivery of a pain drug candidate.

Ms Nicola Harper – Mphil
 Associate Professor Danielle Stowasser, Associate Professor Neil Cottrell and Associate Professor Ian Coombes
Project Title: Impact of automated medication distribution dystems (AMDS) on medication errors in the emergency department.

Ms Sabariah Noor Harun – PhD
Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia Scholarship
: Dr Stefanie Hennig
Project Title: Disease progression in paediatric cystic fibrosis patient.

Mr Srinivas Kantham – PhD
Endeavour Scholarship
Dr Ben Ross
Project Title: Development of peptide inhibitors to block neuronal uptake of soluble amyloid-beta peptide.

Miss Samira Kahbbazi – PhD
UQ International Scholarship
Dr Marie-Odile Parat
Project Title: The modulatory effect of morphine in tumor cell-macrophage interaction in the context of breast cancer.

Mr Jeevak Sopanrao Kapure – PhD
International Postgraduate Research Scholarship (IPRS)
UQ Centenary Scholarship
Supervisor: Dr Ben Ross, Professor Greg Monteith and  Dr. Iman Azimi
Project Title: Design, synthesis and evaluation of modulators of calcium permeable ion channels.

Mr Saval Khanal – PhD
UQ International Scholarship, UQ Centennial Scholarship
 Dr Samantha Hollingworth, Dr Lennert Veerman and Professor Lisa Nissen
Project Title: Medicine use patterns in Australia and Nepal and the role of pharmacists in the prevention and management of non-communicable diseases in low and middle-income countries.

Mr Edward Lee – PhD
Australian Postgraduate Awards (APA)
Dr Ben Ross
Project Title: Development of inhibitors of the neuronal uptake of toxic amyloid oligomers.

Ms Carolina Consuelo Llanos Paez – PhD
 Dr Stefanie Hennig
Project Title: Disease progression in paediatric cystic fibrosis patients.

Ms Nicole Luk – PhD
: Professor Sarah Roberts-Thomson and Professor Greg Monteith
Project Title: Altered activity and/or expression of calcium transporters upregulated in specific cancers affect regulation of key calcium dependent transcription factors.

Mr David McDougall – PhD
 Dr Bruce Green, Professor Jennifer Martin and Mr Elliott Playford
Project Title: A multi site prospective clinical trial of Bayesian dose individualisation software to more accurately predict voriconazole dosing within special patient populations.

Ms Nahid Moghbel – PhD
Australian Postgraduate Award Scholarship (APA)
A/Professor Kathryn Steadman and Dr Bomi Ryu
Project Title: Pituri: the chemistry of Australian Nicotiana species chewed for nicotine.

Ms Nor Hidayah Mohd Taufek – PhD
 Dr Karen Whitfield, Dr Amitha Hewavitharana and Professor Nick Shaw
Project Title: To investigate and identify the risk factors for trace element deficiency in full term and premature neonates.

Ms Kelly Mulvogue – Mphil
Dr Alesha Smith, A/Prof. Ian Coombes, Dr Neil Cottrell, Dr Jason Roberts and Dr Shanthi Kanagarajah
Project Title: An evaluation of current prescribing practice in elderly patients.

Mr Mannan Munim – PhD
UQ Research Scholarship (UQRS)
 A/Professor Zandy Clavarino
Project Title: Mental health of women and cardiovascular risk across their reproductive life course.

Brooke Myers – Mphil
Dr Karen Whitfield, A/Prof. Ian Coombes and Dr Peter Donovan
Project Title: A study to investigate and evaluate the impact of a clinical pharmacist on the safety and quality of the prescribing on a post take ward round.

Mr Rifani Bhakti Natari – PhD
Indonesia Endowment Fund for Education Scholarship
 Dr Samantha Hollingworth, A/Prof Alexandra Clavarino and Dr Kaeleen Dingle
Project Title: Anxiety disorders in women: predictors of medicine use for treatment.

Zeyad Nassar – PhD
IPRS/UQ Centenary Scholarship
Supervisor: Dr Marie-Odile Parat
Project Title: The role of caveolae proteins in prostate cancer angiogenesis.

Mrs Samantha Nelis – PhD
 Professor Nick Shaw, Dr Stefanie Hennig, A/Professor Carl Kirkpatrick and Professor Lisa Nissen
Project Title: Metabolism studies of banned drugs in racing animals.

Ms Tan Hong Chau Nguyen – PhD
Mekong 1000 Project Scholarship
 Dr Ben Ross
Project Title: Enzyme-responsive controlled release of drugs from silica nanoparticles.

Ms Angela North – Mphil
 Dr Karen Whitfield
Project Title: An investigation into medication use during high risk pregnancy.

Mr Saurabh Pandey 
International Postgraduate Research Scholarship
UQ Centenary Scholarship
Dr Amitha Hewavitharana, Dr Marie-Odile Parat and Prof Nick Shaw
Project Title: Study of non polar bio-active compounds in Carica papaya.

Ms Meenakshi Pathak – PhD
University of Queensland Research Scholarship (UQRS)
 A/Professor Kathryn Steadman, Dr Mark Turner and Dr Cheryn Palmer
Project Title: Controlled delivery of novel antibacterials for treatment/prevention of sexually transmitted infections.

Mr Matthew Percival – PhD
 A/Professor Neil Cottrell and Dr Chris Freeman
Project Title: Exploring the impact of a community based pharmacist in patients with chronic disease, within an Integrated Care Program.

Ms Pamela Pietrobon – PhD
Associate Professor Lisa Nissen and Dr Louise Young
Project Title: How can innovative e-learning methods be effectively employed to cater for the educational needs of increasing numbers of medical graduates?

Ms Amber Salman Popattia – PhD
 Dr Adam La Caze
Project Title: Ethical perspective of selling complementary medicines in pharmacies.

Mr Arjun Poudel – PhD
IPRS Scholarship 
Professor Lisa Nissen
Project Title: A multi-centre intervention aimed at improving the safety and quality of prescribing for patients with congestive heart failure in Australian teaching hospitals.

Ms Wenjun (Yvonne) Pu – PhD
International Postgraduate Research Scholarship (IPRS)
 Associate Prof Marie-Odile Parat
Project Title: High throughput screening of a library molecules for anti-prostate cancer properties and validation of their activity via polymerase I and transcript release factor (PTRF)-mediated pathways.

Mr Naisarg Dhirajlal Pujara – PhD
International Postgraduate Research Scholarship (IPRS), UQ Centennial Scholarship
 Dr Amirali Popat, Dr Ben Ross and Professor Michael McGuckin
Project Title: Designer Nanoparticales for Targeted Oral Delivery.

Ms Prarthana Rewatkar – PhD
IPRS/UQ Centenary Scholarship
 Associate Prof Marie-Odile Parat and Dr Harry Parekh
Project Title: The role of caveolae in chemical carrier-mediated cellular delivery.

Ms Yassmin Samak – PhD
Australian Postgraduate Award
 Associate Professor Allan Coombes, Professor Tim Florin and Associate Professor Andrew Barbour
Project Title: Controlled drug delivery to the colon.

Ms Geeta Sandhu
 Dr Christine Staatz, Dr Sally Mapp and Dr Christine Carrington
Project Title: The impact of increasing patient weight on the dosing of high dose methotrexate chemotherapy in non-Hodgkin lymphoma.

Mr Priyank Shenoy – PhD
 Dr Irina Vetter, Dr Arjun Muralidharan and Professor Maree Smith
Project Title: Establishment, optimization and characterization of a rat model of breast cancer induced bone pain.

Ms Centaine Snoswell – PhD
 Associate Professor Jenny Whitty, Dr Anna Finnane, Professor H. Peter Soyer and Associate Professor Monika Janda
Project Title: An evaluation of the cost-effectiveness of teledermoscopy in Australia.

Ms Teneale Stewart – PhD
NHMRC Biomedical Scholarship
Professor Greg Monteith, Professor Sarah Roberts-Thomson and Dr Amelia Peters
Project Title: Assessment of calcium signaling in breast cancer cells associated with epithelial-mesenchymal transition.

Sachin Thakur – PhD
APA Scholarship

Supervisors: Dr Harry Parekh and Dr Marie-Odile Parat
Project Title: Development and evaluation of a novel delivery system for the treatment of age-related macular degeneration’.

Ms Wendy Thompson – PhD
Supervisors: Dr Therese Kairuz, Dr Clair Hughes and Ms Christy Noble
Project Title: Exploring and addressing the challenges of preparing students to become life-long learners.

Mr Karnaker Reddy Tupally – PhD
UQ International Scholarship (UQI)
Dr Harry Parekh and Dr Defang Ouyang
Project Title: Design, synthesis and evaluation of bioreducible peptide-dendrimer formulations for gene delivery.

Mr Suresh Kumar Veliyath
IPRS/UQ Centenary Scholarship
Dr Ben Ross
Project Title: Screening and lead optimization of molecules for the treatment of Alzheimer's disease

Dr Angela Williams – PhD
Associate Professor Bruce Charles, Associate Professor Ross Norris, Dr Helen Liley and Dr Rod Hunt
Project Title: Pharmacokinetics of selected anticonvulsant medications in newborn infants with hypoxic ischaemic encephalopathy undergoing treatment with therapeutic hypothermia.

Mr James Wood – PhD
Supervisor: Associate Professor Kathryn Steadman
Project title: “Implications of dormancy, provenance and storage on conservation and restoration of wild plant species”. 

Ms Nan Xie – PhD
IPRS/ UQ Centennial Scholarship
 Associate Prof Marie-Odile Parat
Project Title: Morphine and cancer metastasis.

Mr Zhenghui Xu – PhD
SPILAS Scholarship
 Dr Peter Moyle
Project Title: Development of rapid and efficient platform technologies to optimise the production of antigen adjuvant fusion vaccine production and high-throughput identification of optimal vaccine candidates targeting neglected diseases and cancer.

Mr Ren-Ming (Mark) Yang – PhD
International Postgraduate Research Scholarship (IPRS)
UQ Centenary Scholarship
Professor Tom Gonda and Dr Partha Mitra
Project Title: Role of the MYB oncogene and its targets in breast cancer stem cells.

Ms Kunsala Yapa – PhD
University of Queensland Research Scholarship (UQRS)
Professor Greg Monteith, Professor Sarah Roberts-Thomson and Dr Amelia Peters
Project Title: Characterisation of calcium channels and pumps as therapeutic targets in basal breast cancer.

Mr Durga Prasad Yarra – PhD
UQI Scholarship
 Dr Harendra Parekh and A/Prof Peter Cabot
Project Title: Design, synthesis and pharmacological evaluation of novel, highly constrained opioid peptides (UQ-patent pending) for the treatment of inflammatory diseases.