Pharmacy on film

Winner - International Video Competition 2018 (Singapore)

Eric and Isabel show you what it's like to study at our School from their perspective. Watch here (YouTube, 3:26)



Life as a Bachelor of Pharmacy (Honours) student

Discover the life of a Bachelor of Pharmacy student at The University of Queensland. Watch here (YouTube, 5:08)



The International Perspective

Sunita Kashyap studies Pharmacy at the The University of Queensland. Hear her first-hand experience as a Canadian student living and studying in Australia. Watch here (YouTube, 6m)



Innovation through collaboration

The Postgraduate Pharmacy course at The University of Queensland is not just about learning more clinically but it's about gaining the skills to improve how you practice as a pharmacist. Watch here (YouTube, 5:11)



Creating change in professional practice learning

Pharmacy lecturer Jacqueline Bond changed the first year professional practice course to create a more patient-focused practical learning experience. Watch here (Vimeo, 2:10)



The international perspective

Bachelor of Pharmacy (Honours) students Ler Lin Paterlin Tan, Sarah Grace Alcaraz, Qi En Cheng, Shi Yun Amanda Lim and Pei Wen Koh share their experience studying at The University of Queensland. Watch here (YouTube, 1:43)




The international perspective

Marla from Canada shares her experience studying the Bachelor of Pharmacy (Honours). Watch here (YouTube, 1:43).