Congratulations to Pharmaceutical Industry Practice graduates

17 Dec 2021

Congratulations to the 2021 Pharmaceutical Industry Practice graduates!

The School of Pharmacy is proud and delighted to congratulate the inaugural graduates from the Master of Pharmaceutical Industry Practice (MPharmIndPrac) and Graduate Certificate of Pharmaceutical Industry Practice (GCPharmIndPrac) programs. This cohort in particular has demonstrated a high degree of resilience and flexibility in pursuing their program during a constantly changing external environment. Unfortunately, due to a Brisbane COVID-19 lockdown, the very first cohort of the MPharmIndPrac and GCPharmIndPrac students were unable to attend the inaugural graduation ceremony in July 2021.

Unsurprisingly, COVID-19 presented a number of challenges shortly after the program launched, with students unable to enter Australia to study, a sudden shift to working and studying from home, and the need to source and facilitate suitable placement opportunities that were restricted to the Brisbane area or could be completed remotely.

Fortunately, we were able to collaborate with industry across the globe and many of our students undertook industry placements in their home countries. Adapting to these changes has made the program strong, brought in a new skill set for many of our staff and students, and provided us with the opportunity to digitally enhance the program while maintaining strong industry engagement.

The School extends its congratulations to the following students for completing their Master of Pharmaceutical Industry Practice and Graduate Certificate of Pharmacy Practice studies

July 2021 graduates

Limin Dai

Hatu Gmedhin

Hui Gu

Di Huang

Lin Ji

Esther Kirubi

Jiajia Li

Hoa Ly

Urvi Mistry

Bhalchandra Vivek Mohrir

Jeanne Ngu

Huiyi Qian

Iris Visnjic

Yifan Wang

Xinhao Xu

Yiqian Xu

Yuchen Xu

Siyu Yan

Yixuan Yang

Zhuang Zhang

Nan Zhao

Youchun Zhao

Wenxin Zheng

December 2021 graduates

Pranoti Pramod Bharati

Rushali Rajendra Chavan

Tran Gia Hieu Do

Pooja Jayesh Golwala

Naman Gupta

Tamara Hammami

Inah Felicia Lagmay

Zhiyun Lai

Haofan Lang

Imadhuddin Mohammed

Sairiya Sebastian Rodrigues

Monica Tanami

Maha Tariq

Nicolette Tay

Aneetta Thomas

Reshu Tyagi

Mikella Zgliczynska

Shengnan Zhai

Jiexin Zhu