The professional roles of pharmacists are continuously evolving.

The Postgraduate Clinical Pharmacy Program at UQ is supporting pharmacists into the future by facilitating the advancement of their skills, knowledge, understanding and confidence to practice competently in an ever-changing healthcare environment.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) concept of the 8 Star Pharmacist lends itself to a broad and holistic approach to pharmacy education and practice. It envisions pharmacists as care-givers, decision-makers, communicators, managers, life-long-learners, teachers, leaders and researchers. It is used as a framework for developing scope of practice and expertise as a clinical pharmacy practitioner.

While focusing on evidence-based, patient-centered care and up to date management of pharmacotherapy the program offers opportunities for hospital and community pharmacists to extend their practice in all WHO Star Pharmacist domains.

In addition, by completing the Clinical Pharmacy Program students will accumulate evidence for a portfolio that that can support all of the seven key domains of the Advanced  Pharmacy Practice Framework in Australia.