Congratulations to our Pharmaceutical Industry Practice midyear graduates

15 Jul 2022

Congratulations to the 2022 Pharmaceutical Industry Practice midyear graduates!

The School of Pharmacy is proud and delighted to congratulate our latest cohort of graduates from the Master of Pharmaceutical Industry Practice (MPharmIndPrac) and Graduate Certificate of Pharmaceutical Industry Practice (GCPharmIndPrac) programs. 

The students have had opportunities to engage in cutting edge research, explore the breadth of the pharmaceutical sector with leaders from industry, or take part in industry placements with a range of the pharmaceutical industry's leading organisations. Forging professional connections that will advance their careers, and the pharmaceutical sector as a whole.

The School extends its congratulations to the following students for completing their studies, and looks forward to celebrating the accomplishments they go on to achieve.


Hoor Akhtar

Laura Copland

Shunzhi Ding

Ruoyu Gao

Wuwei Hu

Fengyi Liu

Hanying Liu

Lanping Lu

Yangliu Mao

Grace Mukomberanwa

Viet Nhut Quang Nguyen

Urmila Pilaniya

Dikansha Trikha

Yuye Wang

Haotian Wu

Xinhao Xu

Zijing Yang

Zhuofan Zhou

Ziyi Zuo