How openness can improve science: Tales from the front-line


In this talk, I will ll give a brief overview of open science in Australasia, and then talk about some specifics. Pre-registration is a declaration of the researchers’ plans prior to the start of a study. It includes stating a priori hypotheses, rules about how many and who the participants are, the procedures to be used, and how the data will be analysed. I will talk about some options for completing a pre-registration of any study, from an undergraduate research thesis to a grant-funded project. I will also review some of the ways that we have encouraged pre-registration in the UQ School of Psychology, which includes promoting open science practices to students and staff.

Speaker Bio

Eric J VanmanAssociate Professor Eric Vanman is a social neuroscientist at The University of Queensland. He has research interests in empathy and emotion, cyberpsychology, social robotics, and open science methods in psychology. He uses physiological measures, such as facial electromyography, hormones, and fMRI, to examine the social and emotional processes involved in these research topics.  After receiving his Ph.D. in social psychology from the University of Southern California in 1994, he was a post-doctoral fellow in cognitive and behavioral neuroscience at USC and then spent a year as a research scientist at Texas A&M University. He was then a lecturer at Emory University until his appointment as an Assistant Professor at Georgia State University in 2000. He left Georgia State in 2007 as an Associate Professor to take up his current position in the UQ School of Psychology.

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