While on placements, students must be dressed and conduct themselves in a manner which is appropriate to the accepted workplace requirements.

The overarching requirement of Placement is that students will complete the experiential placement as a non-remunerated professional practice learning opportunity under the direction of the placement Preceptor.

Dress requirements:
  • School of Pharmacy Placement shirt (available through QPSA) 
  • Black/blue trousers or skirts; trousers are to be appropriate to a professional healthcare workplace (no hipsters, not baggy, not skin tight); skirts should be of a suitable length as appropriate to a professional healthcare workplace (i.e. no mini skirts); no shorts; no denim clothing (jeans; skirts; shorts; jackets); no baseball caps; 
  • Placement Identification badge as supplied by the School of Pharmacy; if this badge has been lost it MUST be replaced (the student will be responsible for all replacement badge costs) – Customers/patients/workplace employees should not be misled that the student is a registered pharmacist; 
  • Appropriate enclosed shoes; no sports shoes; 
  • Well groomed
  • No sunglasses; 
  • No midriff (stomach) showing; no underwear visible; 
  • No visible body piercings or tattoos except those deemed appropriate under the placement Workplace Health and Safety (Occupational Health and Safety) guidelines;
Behaviour expectations:
  • turn off mobile phones when attending the placement; 
  • not use/access any workplace resource unless with the approval of the placement Preceptor (this includes all electronic resources); 
  • maintain professional/workplace behaviour standards (see Code of Professional Conduct) and in no way discredit the workplace or the School of Pharmacy; 
  • contact the School Placements Pharmacist to discuss any issues which affect the completion of a satisfactory experiential placement.  

Please note: if a student attends the Placement dressed or acting in an inappropriate manner, the Preceptor may choose to remove the student from that placement. If this occurs the student may not have the opportunity to redo the placement and the Course Co-ordinator will be advised so they can take appropriate action.