Researcher biography

Dr Preeti Pandey is a highly enthusiastic and motivated formulation scientist with over 10 years of substantial experience across pharmaceutical science, as well as academia. She has strong educational, academic and research background in pharmaceutical science and pharmacology, with broad range of transferable and diverse skill set also comprising pharmaceutical formulation-medical device pairing and translation expertise. Her research work focuses on development of safe, effective and translational drug delivery system. Preeti completed her Bachelor in pharmacy and Master in pharmaceutics degree from India. Under the supervision of Dr Harendra Parekh she got awarded her PhD degree (2018) in pharmaceutical sciences from the School of Pharmacy, The University of Queensland, Australia. Her PhD research project involves "Formulation development and functional Evaluation of thermoresponsive soluble gels for sustained therapeutic intranasal delivery". Preeti has multiple years of experience of development of functional thermoresponsive sol-gels for controlled/sustained therapeutic delivery for a range of hydrophilic/hydrophobic/ bioactives to nasal/vaginal/oromucosal/otic delivery. Her expertise is also focusing on solubility and bioavailability enhancement of BCS Class II and IV drugs and formulation development for poorly water soluble compounds for various routes of adminitration.

Since graduating with a PhD, she has been working on multiple industry projects spanning the MTP sector, each with stringent deliverables, timelines and budgets. Given the high risk reward nature of the projects, which led to the creation of a spin-off company in Q1 2021 (for which she is a co-inventor of the platform drug delivery).