Researcher biography

David has a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the life sciences field, holding a Bachelor of Veterinary Science, a PhD in cardiovascular pharmacology and several years of postdoctoral research experience. After the completion of his PhD, David sought to augment his training with a greater focus on molecular genetics, resulting in a research position under one of Australia's leaders in Duchenne muscular dystrophy.

This was followed by a 5 year post-doctoral fellowship at America's prestigious Johns Hopkins University, within its Institute of Genetic Medicine. Here David worked under a world leader in Marfan syndrome and associated connective tissue disorders, developing mouse models to test new treatment strategies for Loeys-Dietz syndrome. Upon returning to Australia, David became a Research Fellow at the Queensland University of Technology, where he investigated the genetic causes of drug resistance to molecularly targeted agents in endometrial cancer. He is published in more than a dozen international, peer-reviewed scientific journals.

David's extensive research experience and knowledge of Life Sciences helps him understand the background of a client's work and offer decisive advice and a clear course of action. David is involved in drafting and prosecuting patent and trade mark applications, searching, filing, oppositions and other Intellectual Property related matters. His first-hand experience innovating within a laboratory setting also puts David in a strong position to identify strengths, weaknesses and opportunities in a client's portfolio, thereby offering greater opportunity to comprehensively protect and enforce their Intellectual Property rights