Researcher biography

Karl Winckel is a conjoint pharmacist working between the School of Pharmacy Unversity of Queensland and the Princess Alexandra Hospital. Karl is an Advanced Practice credentialed pharmacist (stage 3) with clinical pharmacy experience in a wide range of clinical areas including cardiology, general medicine and care of the elderly. However Karl's main interest lies in education and training. Karl has coordinated and continues to coordinate training for doctors, pharmacists and nurses at the Princess Alexandra Hospital, and teaches into undergraduate and postgraduate clinical pharmacy courses at the University of Queensland. Karl co-coordinates 25-28 undergraduate student research project placements per year at the Princess Alexandra Hospital pharmacy department. Karl has co-authored 19 journal article and 1 book chapter in the last 5 years. Karl is also heavily involved in clinical education and training seminars with the Society of Hospital Pharmacists Australia (SHPA). Karl's research interests lie primarily in the clinical use of clozapine, and anticoagulants.