Researcher biography

Jasmina is an Australian registered pharmacist with a community and hospital pharmacy background. After the Bosnian War, which interrupted her Literature studies (!990-92) at Sarajevo’s Faculty of Philosophy, she relocated to Australia and completed her BPharm(Hons Class I) in 2000 and a PhD at the University of Queensland (UQ) in 2007. She's been teaching in Australian higher education since 2001, at the UQ (2001-2007), Queensland University of Technology (2007-2009), and Griffith University (2009-2015), developing and implementing BPharm and MPharm programs. Jasmina returned to the UQ School of Pharmacy in 2015. She has taught as a community and hospital pharmacist, preceptor, tutor, simulated learning facilitator, and lecturer, creating, teaching, and coordinating 15 undergraduate and postgraduate courses.

Current Teaching: Jasmina teaches into the UQ's Pharmacy Program and coordinates two 2-unit courses at the School of Pharmacy: Quality Use of Medicines A1 (PHRM2011) and A2 (PHRM2012). She also teaches into Integrated Biomedical Sciences for Nursing (BIOM2070) at the Faculty of Medicine.

Research: In addition to her commitment to Pharmacy Practice Research, Jasmina is passionate about her Educational Research, her own teaching, and she remains a curious learner. Her research is aligned with the biopsychosocial model and scientific understanding that is informed by different ways of knowing. She uses quantitative and qualitative techniques, the latter enabling deep and flexible understanding of social and cultural aspects not ascertainable through quantitative approaches. Jasmina is committed to meaningful results that enhance how we practise, teach and learn in the contemporary healthcare.

Jasmina's choices are not always and inevitably career driven, and she remains focused on enhancing the professional practice as well as student experiences - e.g. aiming to help students to recognise the process and joy of learning in class and in the workplace, building lifelong learning skills for personal and professional development. She has supervised to completion masters and doctoral students and her teams received competitively funded grants totalling close to AU$3 million from the Department of Health, and other healthcare and higher education bodies.

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