Researcher biography

Expert in diseases of metabolism, and individual responses to drugs (pharmacogenetics).

John graduated in Science at the University of Sydney, then completed a PhD in Biochemical Genetics at La Trobe University (1976). As a postdoc, he studied wound healing and cell biology in the Surgery Dept, Christchurch Hospital, NZ (from 1977), and worked on alcohol genetics at Griffith University (1980-84). He moved to the UK in late 1986, and trained in Metabolic Diseases at Guy's Hospital in London, specialising in purines and pyrimidines (1987-90). There he also established an early diagnostic service in pharmacogenetics (1991): the result has been the largest pharmacogenetic lab in Britain. In 2003 John returned to Australia, working in the metabolic unit of Pathology at the Mater Hospital in Brisbane, then joining the School of Pharmacy at the University of Queensland. He sat on the FDA subcommittee advising on regulation of the burgeoning US pharmacogenetics industry.