Dry mouth is a troublesome symptom that is uncomfortable and can lead to many complications. Pilocarpine is a medicine that improves saliva production, and it is available in many countries to treat dry mouth but not Australia. We are testing a pilocarpine tablet formula that your doctor will be able to prescribe to be made up by compounding pharmacies.


Project members

We have two trials and we looking for participants:

1) Acceptability trial – RECRUITING NOW – test the formula for its taste

We are testing different ways of improving the taste so that this very effective medicine can be used by people with dry mouth.

During one visit to the study site at any time convenient to you:

  • Taste 5 different flavoured medicated lozenges and rate your flavour preferences.
  • Compare a small tablet that dissolves in the mouth and a lozenge
  • Answer some questions related to the cause of your dry mouth
  • Expect to take 30-60 minutes
  • Click HERE to see the full participant information

2) Clinical trial – RECRUITING SOON – pilocarpine formula vs placebo

  • This will be an 18-day trial designed to test whether you benefit from using the pilocarpine formula three times a day.
  • We are in the process of applying for ethical approval and expect to run this trial later in 2017.
  • Click HERE to send an email to register your interest in participating

Who can take part: People with dry mouth e.g. previous chemotherapy/radiotherapy

Cost of transport: $30 voucher gift card as reimbursement for transport to trial site, and there is free parking for participants

Associate Professor Kathryn Steadman

Associate Professor
School of Pharmacy