COVID-19 Vaccination program - your chance to make it happen

4 Feb 2021

An opportunity exists for UQ Pharmacy students to work at the Princess Alexandra Hospital during the COVID vaccine rollout. This form is for students to indicate their willingness to work. 

About the opportunity

Students will be trained on how to aseptically draw up the COVID-19 vaccine so that it is ready for a nurse to administer. Students will not be directly administering the vaccine. Previous experience in aseptic techniques is ideal but not required as students will be fully trained. It should be noted that you must pass a competency assessment to start.

Shifts will likely be 4 hours in duration. Students will be expected to work a minimum of 2 shifts per week i.e. 8 hours per week. Only students who can reliably attend their shifts should apply.

Students will be paid the salary of a Casual 002 pharmacy assistant which is $32.83/hour.


The start date is currently being determined but will be approximately mid to late February, and the rollout will continue for 1 to 4 months  (you don’t have to be available for the whole period).

Expression of interect closing date

This initial expression of interest will close Sunday 7 February.

Apply for the position

Apply here

More information

Students who would like to ask any more details should contact Lee Allam (Princess Alexandra Hospital Pharmacy) on 3176 6564.