Smart nanomaterials delivering cargo at the targeted site with zero premature release is an enchanting area of research in the field of material science. Traditional nanomaterials made from polymers and lipids suffer from many disadvantages such as premature drug release, stability issues in complex biological environment and low encapsulation capacity. We have recently made nano particles that can be programmed to release in certain parts of body. This project will involve optimising these nano particles and check loading capacity of several drugs in these nano particles and testing they in-vitro release.

Expected outcomes and deliverables:

The project will give insight into novel nanomaterials in the field of pharmaceutical formulations and the outcome of the project may be communicated as a manuscript to a journal. This is also a good opportunity for Master Biotech or Pharmacy students to get some research experience in our lab for potentially applying for PhD or M.Phill

Suitable for:

Pharmacy or chemistry/biotech students

Project members

Associate Professor Amirali Popat

NHMRC Senior Research Fellow & Associate Professor
School of Pharmacy
Director of Research