Welcome to the Centre for Optimising
Pharmacy Practice-based Excellence in Research (COPPER)


  • Provides a platform for research collaboration between academics and community based pharmacist networks.
  • Provides links between experienced researchers and community based pharmacist networks to allow ‘real world’ practice problems to be identified, developed and addressed.

Four key pillars of COPPER enable community based pharmacists to become involved in research:

  • Research networks (community pharmacists and primary care pharmacists) – bringing together like-minded pharmacists interested in engaging in research
  • Communities of practice (using social media platform, Facebook) – providing peer support, mechanism to exchange information (between peers and between pharmacists and academics, bounce ideas and seek advice)
  • Research Training and Education (quarterly online offerings to build research skills for pharmacists and support research higher degree students)
  • Links to academic support (matching pharmacists to appropriate academics for research advice/support)

Contact us

COPPER Co-Directors:

Dr Christopher Freeman

Associate Professor Neil Cottrell 


COPPER Acting Manager/Post-Doctoral Fellow:

Dr Bernadette Chevalier (b.chevalier@uq.edu.au)