Community based research

Interested in participating in community based pharmacy research?

More information on how COPPER can support pharmacists’ interest in research.

More information on why community pharmacies should encourage pharmacist involvement in research and how COPPER can help.




Research networks

Interested in becoming a member?

Two Research Networks, one for community pharmacists and one for primary care pharmacists, have been created to bring together like-minded pharmacists interested in engaging in research

Please complete and submit this Research Networks Expression of Interest form and someone from COPPER will be in contact with you.

Communities of practice

Interested in being part of a research community of practice?

Communities of practice for both community pharmacists and primary care pharmacists have been created using the social media platform, Facebook. The aim of these moderated forums is to provide peer support and to allow information to be exchanged between peers and with academics where pharmacists can bounce ideas and seek advice.

You will need to first join a Research Network (Community Pharmacists or Primary Care Pharmacists). To do so, please complete and submit this Research Networks Expression of Interest form and someone from COPPER will be in contact with you. At that time you will also be sent an invitation to join a Community of Practice Face Book group.




Research training and education

To access these resources, you need to join a Research Network.

Research Network pharmacists please Sign in.